R&D Areas

KOAI Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in marine pollution control equipment.
It is currently producing and developing equipment for localization of oil retreiving devices that are dependent on imports, representing companies leading the clear and clean sea, and beautiful future environment.
We are currently working on joint researches and developments in cooperation with various institutions, and we are actively testing in the real sea.


Specially coated V2.0 SCOOPERS is a marine pollution control equipment that can selectively retrieve only spilled oil from river or ocean.


It is a prefabricated oil tank for easy storage of spilled oil with V2.0 SCOOPERS.

Automatic spilled oil collecting device

Automatic spilled oil collecting devices for large area which are under development is a device that can respond to spillage accidents quickly and effectively. It can be installed on not only on a cordon but also offshore fishing boats, so it retrieve spilled oil only by towing.

4 types of marine floats

Buoyant bodies that can form a stable center of gravity are installed at regular intervals to help connect the instruments, and it is durable in external forces such as typhoons, wind and waves.

The backpack type oil collector

Not only is a control operation possible by using a compact oil collecting device on sites where bulky control equipment is inaccessible, but also its one-man operation method enables an effective control operation with less control personnel within 48 hours of golden time of control operation time.