V2.0 SCOOPERS (Oil Scoopers)

  • It can be used to remove highly viscous oil such as Bunker C oil which is fuel for ships, to compensate for the drawback of existing oil absorbants that could not easily absorb high viscosity oil.
  • It can be used for all kinds of oil and the purification efficiency is over 90% regardless of oil viscosity.(Applicable Oil: 1 ~ 10,000 cSt, ※ cSt: viscosity unit)
  • Oil collected after the oil is removed from a spillage site by the scooping method is put in a separate retrieval tank, so the usage is simple and no precautionary training for control operation is required.
  • The scooper stick with three-stage adjustable length from 1m to 3m can be attached, so it can be used on ships.
  • In case of adsorbents commonly used in conventional pollution control operations, there is a concern over sinking after absorption of oil because they are disposable materials, and the oil absorbed after use is not recyclable so recovery efficiency is reduced. Also, even the adsorbent materials cannot be reused, causing inconvenience in transportation and storage.
  • In addition, if adsorbed oil spills out or the adsorbents or these absorbents cannot be recovered, it can cause secondary environmental pollution by itself. And their weight can be 14 times heavier after use (according to statistics of 1995. 07. 23. Sea Prince oil spill), So they end up being buried or burned, which is very harmful to the environment.
  • However, V2.0 SCOOPERS compensate for these shortcomings of existing adsorbent materials and can be reused by simply washing with water after a control operation, thus preventing secondary contamination when burying and buring.