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  • [Dong-Eui UniversityBI] KOAI Seeks to Localize Spilled Oil Collecting Device and Take the Lead to Conserve the Marine Environment

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    • 2021.10.26
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    More than 300 marine oil spill accidents occur in Korea every year.

    The range of these spills spreads quickly, and they are very difficult to contain. Consequently,efforts to prevent oil spillsshould be made, and problems should be handled within the golden time (48 hours) of any accident, if possible, by devising efficient pollution prevention measures.

    KOAI, an expert marine pollution prevention device manufacturer, is a company leading the way for clean and clear seas and a beautiful future environment. KOAI is currently at the front of localization of devices meant to collect spilled oil and strives to manufacture pollution prevention instruments optimized for diverse oil spill environments.

    Through forming cooperative relationships with marine pollution-relatedinstitutions, KOAI is performing co-R&D and tests on the actual seas for manufacture of those instruments.

    The firm’s flagship product is the V2.0 SCOOPERS(oil scoopers). This is a scooper  that can selectively collect spilled oil in the ocean.

    The current widely used oil absorbents for pollution prevention should be collected after using them, which may cause secondary environmental pollution. Their reuse is impossible, so economic feasibility is low.


    V2.0 SCOOPERS can be reused by washing them, sosecondary pollution is prevented. The scoopers can be used for all types of oils and show over a 90% purification effectirrelevant of the oil’s viscosity.

    With its simplicity, no training is needed to prevent pollution.

    KOAI is continuously participating in marine pollution prevention instrument exhibitions abroad.

    While KOAI carries out consultations with many buyers, the possibility of the V2.0 SCOOPERS currently under development has been recognized.