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  • Selection of New Technology Idea to Respond to Oil Spill Accidents

    • Koai<
    • 2021.10.26
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    The Marine Environment Education Center (President Cho Chan-yeon), affiliated with the Korea Maritime Environment Corporation (KOEM, Chairman Park Seung-ki), announced on the 7th that it has selected four winners of the "1st Startup Idea Competition."
    The education center has held an idea contest for two months since July to promote startups in the field of marine pollution prevention and response, and after a non-face-to-face expert review of the received ideas on the 24th,
    Two best awards and two excellence awards were finally selected.
    Koai's "LSFO and high-viscosity oil spill accident-exclusive gear," Sheko's "Video Recognition S/W Development for Automatic Contaminants Control of Oil Recovery Robots for Small Accidents," and "Zero-ball" were selected for the best prize.
    The judges highly praised the winning works as ideas that can be applied and used in the actual field.
    In the future, the education center will provide consulting with marine control experts on the two ideas selected as the best awards and support research and performance experiment infrastructure for prototype production.