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  • KOAI Co., Ltd., a manufacturer specializing in marine pollution control equipment that makes clear and clean seas

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    • 2020.03.12

  • In December 2007, there was an oil spill disaster in Taean, Korea's largest oil spill disaster. As the spilled oil spread rapidly, environmental pollution and water resource destruction in the Taean area were serious, and local residents faced great economic difficulties.

    In addition to the Taean oil spill accident, there were frequent large and small marine spill accidents in Korea. Every year, more than 300 marine spills are reported to occur in the domestic sea. As a result, the environmental, material, and mental damages of local people are so severe that there is a need to control marine pollution.

    Currently, Korea is trying to prevent the damage caused by the spread of oil as a transfer-oriented control strategy in the event of a large-scale spill, but it often uses overseas imported equipment that lacks high-efficiency large-capacity recovery equipment and is not suitable for the Korean marine environment. There are also difficulties in domestic technology development.

    In this atmosphere, the movement of KOAI Co., Ltd., a manufacturer specializing in marine pollution control equipment, which is trying to localize the oil recovery device that relies on imports, attracts attention. We are pursuing a company that leads the clean and clean sea and a beautiful future environment, and we are developing a mechanism that can control the environment according to various spill environments.

    KOAI's 'V2.0 SCOOPERS' is an equipment that can selectively recover only spilled oil from rivers or oceans. In the event of a marine spill accident, the oil absorbent commonly used requires a post-use treatment process, which is highly likely to cause secondary environmental pollution by waste. There is also a disadvantage that it cannot be reused. V2.0 SCOOPERS can be reused after washing to prevent secondary contamination and can be used for all types of oil. It has a purification efficiency of over 90% regardless of the viscosity of the oil. Another advantage is that it is simple to use in the way of landing, so there is no need for training in advance.

    "The situation is dependent on physical control work through manpower, such as oil fences and oil absorbents, and it is urgent to prepare for countermeasures," said Kyung-taek Park, CEO of KOAI Co., Ltd. "The city has begun to start a business with the goal of making oil-recovery equipment that can prevent the spread of spilled oil through rapid response." He added, "We will devote ourselves to R & D with the dream that we can solve the global ocean pollution problem." Product excellence is also recognized overseas. We are continuously participating in exhibitions specializing in marine pollution control organizations held overseas, and have achieved great results. V2.0 SCOOPERS, which participated in related exhibitions such as Interspill London 2018 held in England in March 2018, MOIGE held in Moscow in June, SMM exhibition in Hamburg in September, ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi in November, and many buyers visiting the event He expressed high interest in (Oil Garden). In particular, vice president of 'NMK', an oil mining company, visited the booth directly and showed a lot of interest in V2.0 SCOOPERS.

    On the other hand, KOAI Co., Ltd. developed a product that can reduce the manpower of control and can be easily driven to minimize the movement of workers and reduce fatigue, and analyze and handle the accident within the golden time (48 hours) of oil spill accident. The focus is on building the infrastructure. Currently, it is conducting joint research and development in cooperation with various institutions, and is actively conducting tests in the sea area to produce practical instruments.