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  • Korea Maritime University Technology Holding Co., Ltd. Jahwa Corporation Co., Ltd., selected as 'Promising Export Small and Medium Enterprise' by Busan Small and Medium Business Administration

    • Koai<
    • 2020.03.12
  • The Korea Maritime University Industry-University Cooperation Group (Director Jeong-Ryeol Kim) announced on the 16th that KOAI, a subsidiary of the Korea Maritime University Technology Holdings Co., Ltd., was selected as the 'Promising Small and Medium Business for Exports in the First Half of 2019' by the Busan Small and Medium Business Administration.

    KOAI Co., Ltd. produces oil spill control technology 'large area automatic skimmer' as its main product. Automated skimmer is the world's first product that can be controlled 24 hours without electricity, and can respond to accidents within 48 hours, the golden time of oil spill accidents using wind power. “I am actively participating in overseas exhibition activities, such as Brazil, to promote products and to strengthen product performance through research and development in Korea,” said Park Kyung-taek, CEO of KOAI. Gap Gap-soo, CEO of Korea Maritime University, said, “We will actively support subsidiaries to grow and increase sales and create jobs.”