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  • KOAI to introduce 'domestic skimmer' for marine pollution control

    • Koai<
    • 2020.03.12

  • This summer, a record heat wave continues, including on the Korean Peninsula, and awareness of environmental protection is urged. In France, the highest temperature in the southern region was 45.9 degrees in June, killing 1,435 deaths from heatstroke from heat waves. The concerns about the environment are hot due to problems occurring around the globe, such as the highest summer temperatures in 12 European countries.

    As a result, the movement to protect the environment is getting higher and companies are also carrying out various activities including various campaigns to protect the environment.

    Among them, KOAI Co., Ltd., a specialized marine pollution control organization, has attracted attention by developing a mechanism that can be used for clean-up operations in accordance with various spill environments.

    As a result of consistently participating and exhibiting good results at marine pollution control equipment exhibitions held overseas, 'V2.0 SCOOPERS' achieved USD30,000 in German exports, and '4 types of marine FLOAT' in Japan were USD50,000 Exports were successful. Based on this, KOI was also selected as a promising small and medium-sized export company in the first half of 2019 by the Small and Medium Business Administration.

    Along with this, KOAI participated in SPILLCON 2019 held in Australia this year and also achieved good results in Brasil Offshore held in Brazil. In the second half of the year, KOAI announced that it would continue to participate in overseas marketing.

    An official from KOI said, "We will try to commercialize various marine pollution control automation skimmers that are also recognized in Germany through this program."