KOBOT (Remote control)

It is currently producing and developing equipment for localization of oil retreiving devices that are dependent on imports, representing companies leading the clear and clean sea, and beautiful future environment. We are currently working on joint researches and developments in cooperation with various institutions, and we are actively testing in the real sea.


We are a research, development and production company of marine pollution control equipment.

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Through our company is striving for research and development with the dream of seeking to solve the problem of marine pollution in the world.

KOBOT (remote Control)

In the event of a spill, it is a self -propelled spilled oil recovery robot that can be used immediately without the need for a separate power pack. Control workers can operate quickly and easily by using a remote controller.

Most people only remember large-scale oil spills. However, 90% of most port oil spills are small accidents of less than 1 ton. KOBOT is an oil recovery robot that can be quickly dispatched in the event of such a small spill.


Dispatch immediately

It is equipped with a self -navigating device that can be immediately dispatched to the spill area, and the recovered oil is immediately stored in the recovered oil storage attached to the rear.


Easy control

All support equipment into one body. (Oil storage, Power supplier, Transfer pump, Collection equipment) Field workers can be control 4 DC motors very easily by remote controller.


Minimize manpower

By minimizing the input of manpower, it is possible to block the occurrence of diseases (headache, nausea, shortness of breath, etc.)


No Pollution Factors

There is no additional pollution factor by adopting a method in which the recovery and storage of spilled oil floating at the sea level as an oil film are performed at the same time.

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KOBOT real sea area test in progress

Test in real waters in Port Klang, Malaysia