Centerback V1

It is currently producing and developing equipment for localization of oil retreiving devices that are dependent on imports, representing companies leading the clear and clean sea, and beautiful future environment. We are currently working on joint researches and developments in cooperation with various institutions, and we are actively testing in the real sea.


We are a research, development and production company of marine pollution control equipment.

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Through our company is striving for research and development with the dream of seeking to solve the problem of marine pollution in the world.

Centerback V1

It is a type of skimming machine tha t can be used without the need for a separate power pack. Since it is possible by connecting an oil fence to the skimming machine, it is possible to connect several oil fences and use it in a clus ter form if necessary.


Connect with several oil fences and oil skimmer

Centerback V1 can be operated by connecting several oil fences and oil skimmer to an oilflowing route.


Collected at the central point of the skimming system

The spilled oil is collected at the central point of the skimming system under the influence of ocean currents or winds, and the collected oil can be recovered through the skimming system.


Block-Recover spilled oil-Storage

It is possible to Block-Recover spilled oil-Storage just by installing.


easy control

Field workers can be control 2 DC motors very easily by remote controller.

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