Data security

User data security is our top priority.

User data security is our top priority

To make complex technology easy to use by anyone

KOAI is constantly striving to make complex technologies easy for anyone to use. Nothing demonstrates our commitment more than seeing commercial, private and government agencies around the world use our technology to create value in innovative ways in a variety of industries.

As drones play a special role as data-gathering devices, we realize how important data security is for commercial, private and government agencies. As such, the user remains solely in control of the data generated by the user. To live up to this promise, we provide in-depth information on how the KOAI drone platform protects our customers’ data, continue to work to improve information security, and prepare a strategy.

Whether KOAI has access to data that you control

KOAI does not access user data unless authorized by the user.

Users can grant or revoke privileges at any time in the “Network Security Mode” setting. These rights include device information, flight records, device logs, approximate location information, user experience improvement program information, and whether KOAI may share device location with third-party map service providers to display your location on a map. including whether or not.

If you want to use your device completely offline, you can enable “Local Data Mode”. In this case, you do not need to log in to your KOAI account. The installer package for upgrading your device can be downloaded directly from the KOAI website. In the near future, we plan to release features like custom offline maps and offline certificate import to unlock restricted areas.

Enhanced security with encrypted data

Data transmitted between the drone and the remote controller on the ground is protected with an AES-256 encryption algorithm. Communication between the KOAI app and the server is also protected by the WebSockets protocol over HTTPS or SSL/TLS (WSS) to prevent hijacking by third parties.

Secure device media storage

KOAI drones support the password protection mechanism required for onboard data storage to ensure the security of sensitive images and resources. The Matrice M300 RTK and Zenmuse H20 combo also supports SD card storage encryption. When the password function is enabled, data stored on the SD card or on-board storage can only be accessed after entering a user-specified password. The password you specify is not shared with KOAI. In other words, if you forget your password, KOAI will not be able to retrieve it.

Cloud data storage security

KOAI’s data center is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud is only available for customers in mainland China. Amazon Web Services is available in all other regions.

KOAI users do not need to store any data in KOAI. If the customer chooses to store the data, the data is stored in KOAI’s data center equipped with a multi-layered protection mechanism. KOAI does not transfer users’ personal information or data between data centers or share data with third parties. Additional AES-256-CBC encryption is provided for sensitive information such as email addresses, mobile phone numbers and location information.

Data that can be deleted

Users can choose to delete all data generated while using the KOAI device. To clear your data, you can go to the KOAI app and clear the logs and cache of your device and apps, or restore your device to factory settings. If you do not wish to use KOAI’s services, please contact KOAI to delete all data related to your account by sending an email to

Third Party Security Audit

The authenticity of KOAI’s drones and software systems has been continuously tested and verified by US cybersecurity firms FTI Consulting, Booz Allen Hamilton and Kivu Consulting, as well as US federal agencies such as the US Department of Defense, the US Department of the Interior, the US Department of Homeland Security and the US Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. There is a bar.

Drone technology, like any other technology product, is always subject to scrutiny when used for sensitive or safety-related tasks. KOAI’s goal is to meet or exceed the security standards for drone use set by governments and businesses.