Mokpo Coast Guard, Marine Pollution Accidents Rapidly Introduce Automatic Skimmer Recovery Equipment

Mokpo Coast Guard, Marine Pollution Accidents Rapidly Introduce Automatic Skimmer Recovery Equipment

"In 2021, marine pollution accidents increased 9 times compared to the previous year...Strengthening control capacity, introducing automated skimmer equipment" Incorporating a nanostructure that allows seawater from the contaminated sea to pass through and selectively collects and recovers only oil "more than conventional equipment Eco-friendly...can be installed even in patrol traps, greatly enhancing utilization"
[Mokpo = Open News Communication] Reporter Kang Seong-seon = Mokpo Coast Guard introduces nanostructure-based automated oil recovery equipment to strengthen oil spill recovery capability at sea.

According to the Mokpo Coast Guard, there are a total of seven marine pollution accidents in the first half of 2021. A total of 9,475 liters of pollutants leaked out, a nine-fold increase from the same period last year. In fact, in January, an accident occurred in which 9,000 liters of bilge wastewater was leaked into the sea during ship dismantling work at A shipyard in the jurisdiction, and the coast guard conducted emergency prevention work to prevent the spread in advance. Mokpo Coast Guard introduces and operates an automated skimming machine to improve the ability to quickly recover pollutants as oil spill accidents frequently occur at sea. The equipment introduced this time is the ‘automated oil recovery equipment’ produced through the research on 「Spiked Oil Using Nanostructure and Floating HNS Control Technology」, an R&D project in the field of control by the Korea Coast Guard.

Through this, a nanostructure that can selectively collect and recover only oil while allowing seawater from the polluted sea to pass through was grafted. In addition, it is more eco-friendly than the existing motorized oil recovery equipment and can be installed in a patrol boat rather than a control boat, greatly enhancing its utilization. An official from the Mokpo Coast Guard said, “With this equipment, we have further strengthened our ability to take eco-friendly response measures, such as recovering oil spills from the sea.” told


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